Masking for public coming in to MHP Facilities

  • CDC guidance continues to require masking for healthcare facilities. MHP will follow the CDC’s guidance.
  • Visitors accompanying a patient who refuse to wear a mask will be asked to remain outside the building.

COVID Testing

Presurgical COVID Testing - Presurgical COVID testing will cease unless the patient is symptomatic for elective surgeries. If the patient has not been vaccinated, they will be educated on additional risk during surgery. This will be effective 06/21/2021.

Admission COVID Testing - If the patient is vaccinated, no COVID test will be given, unless otherwise indicated. Symptomatic patients (with COVID-type symptoms) will continue to be tested for COVID. The effective date is 06/21/2021.

Maternity Care - Testing of pregnant patients on admission will cease unless COVID symptoms are present. The effective date is 06/21/2021.


Inpatient - Visiting hours will remain as currently posted. For COVID-positive patients, no visitors until after 20th day of onset of symptoms. End-of-life situations are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Maternity Care - Labor and Delivery: One support person and one additional designated visitor will be permitted during labor and delivery.

  • Postpartum: One support person will be permitted the entire stay. One additional designated visitor per day between the hours of 8am-8pm. The effective date is 06/14/2021.

ACC - The ACC will continue to allow 2 visitors as posted at the ACC entrance.