Updates from Incident Command:

Overall: Here at MHP we are experiencing what has been occurring across the country, Covid-19 cases are rising. As this virus has persisted, it has led to the development of variant strains. Currently, the dominant variant is the Delta Variant, which originated in India and is currently widespread in the United States. Research suggests that this variant is much more transmissible and is responsible for the increase in cases we have seen locally. The State Department of Health reports that 87.2% of all new Covid-19 cases are of the Delta Variant. In Indiana, we have seen the positivity rate go from 1.8% in mid-June to 9% as of 8/2. Shelby County’s positivity rate is 11.68% currently. The longer the virus persists, and the more it transfers from one individual to the next, the opportunity for new Variants arises. The single best defense against the virus continues to be vaccination. If you have not received the vaccination, please take time to understand the risks associated with these new variants and consult your healthcare provider for advice and guidance. The vaccine is readily available in our community for individuals above the age of 12 and is still free of charge.

Case Load:

  • Emergency Dept census average for August 1-9 is 72/day; was 66/day in July.
  • Infusions of Regeneron for Covid-19 positive patients Aug 1-9 is 39; was total of 17 in July and 7 in June.
  • Inpatient Unit daily census average for August thus far is 29; 5 being critical care, 2 being ventilator dependent cases.
  • Hospitalized Covid-19 cases average for August 1-9 is 9/day; up from 3/day in July, less than 1/day in June.

Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, the following will be instituted at MHP between 8/11 and 8/21.

  • All in person, public events are cancelled or postponed through November
  • All hospital-based meetings will convert to virtual format
  • All support groups will halt or convert to virtual format
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device reps will cease
  • All student shadowing programs will be suspended
  • Covid-19 testing will resume for all admissions and scheduled surgical cases
  • All staff, even those vaccinated, will need to wear a mask at all times within the facility
  • Cloth masks are no longer permitted for staff, patients or visitors. CDC guidelines and OSHA standards now require hospital provided medical or surgical grade masks
  • Staff self-screening practices will be re-instituted
  • Entrance open times will be decreased, and patient/visitor screening will be re-instituted
  • Visitation will continue with new restrictions as posted on the MHP website