The MHP Employee Giving Tree Committee tried something new during the most recent campaign.

The changes were planned to launch in fall of 2020, but we were too excited to wait.

So, what's new, exactly? And why would we make changes? We have a few good reasons!

The MHP Giving Tree is the name used to recognize the group of employees who make annual contributions to the MHP Foundation. They just completed their five year pledge to raise $500,000 to support the construction of the MHP Medical Center. This is an exciting achievement, and the MHP Giving Tree committee would love for our employees to keep up their momentum and motivation for giving to the Foundation. They have elected to use this accomplishment as a spring board to do even more for our organization and our patients.

The committee spent some time in retreat, and came up with the idea of moving our focus from construction--bricks and mortar--to program--the staff that make up MHP. We have this awesome new "facility" that helps "facilitate" care, but what can we do to help our staff do an even better job of caring for our patients?

This past fall, the Foundation asked for proposals from staff for projects that meet at least three of the five MHP Pillars of Excellence:

  • Delivering quality clinical outcomes
  • Providing a quality customer experience
  • Recruiting, developing, & retaining quality people
  • Applying quality financial practices
  • Promoting and embracing enterprise wide growth

This "soft launch" group provided awesome project ideas to introduce this new campaign style to all staff, including:

  • Reach Out and Read at MHP Pediatrics
  • Hypertension Treatment at Family & Internal Medicine
    • Hypertension patients receive exercise materials, a pedometer, a diet log book, and they can borrow a BP cuff to to monitor their health and progress.
  • Employee and Patient Safety at MHP Home Care
    • De-icing buckets are given to home health patients to help during icy conditions. Home Care will also provide daily living medical equipment to patients (grab bars, etc.).
  • Restroom Accessibility Improvements at Patient Experience
    • Small changes to existing restrooms (automatic door openers, low hooks, shelves, and sharps containers) will improve accessibility for patients.

Making this change to the campaign comes at just the right time. MHP's 100 year anniversary is in 2024. That's five years away, giving our MHP Giving Tree another five year pledge opportunity. We think "A Million for MHP" sounds pretty good!

....and MHP employees are already off to an amazing start. In the most recent campaign, generous employees exceeded their $100,000 goal - they raised over $117,000 for financial assistance, employee projects, and patient care.

Keep an eye on this awesome committee and our awesome employees as they get ready to do even more awesome things!