For Immediate Release

Gena Linville

Marketing Director


MHP Reopens Select Services

Major Health Partners (MHP) will begin resuming services this week that had previously been suspended due to COVID-19. This change falls in line with Indiana Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order issued Friday, April 24, to reopen essential health care services. These services include in-person office visits as well as elective procedures and surgeries at the MHP Medical Center. The reopening process will be a slow and controlled process.

“Our primary concern is the safety of our patients, their families and our staff,” said MHP Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Paula Gustafson. Over the last few weeks, MHP shifted its operations to prepare for a surge of COVID-19 patients. Extra precautions were initiated and new policies and procedures have been developed to help keep patients and staff safe and protected. “Because of our advanced planning we are ready and able to safely provide care for our patients,” said Gustafson. “We need to begin providing the necessary care that was temporarily delayed by the crisis.”

Reopening services does not, however, mean things will immediately return to ‘normal’. Many COVID-19-related processes, such as screenings at entrances, restricting visitors, using PPE (personal protective equipment), and utilizing dedicated departments and care sites for patients with COVID-19 symptoms, will remain in place for the foreseeable future. Universal masking for all providers, staff, patients and visitors at MHP will be ongoing. “The precautions we have taken make us as safe—if not safer—than other public places,” said Gustafson,

In public places, we encourage people to continue to follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC, including social distancing, frequent hand washing, and wearing masks in public places. “These measures are part of our ‘new normal,’ everywhere we go, until breakthroughs in vaccination or treatment allow otherwise,” said Dr. Gustafson.

Below are additional guidelines and protocols that will continue at the MHP Medical Center and outpatient clinics:

  • Video visits or telephone consults will be used when appropriate.
  • Visitor restrictions will remain in place.
  • Screenings for COVID-19 symptoms at all entrances will continue. This screening helps protect patients and staff by routing “high risk” patients to separate dedicated care locations, freeing up all other MHP offices and facilities to provide timely and safe care for non-respiratory patients.
  • Patients with symptoms of COVID-19 should continue to use the COVID-19 hotline, 317.392.3211 (3627).
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection in patient and public areas, including some structural changes to better protect the public as well as staff.
  • MHP Café will continue to be closed to the general public.

These guidelines and protocols are fluid and subject to change as we continue to assess the activity of COVID-19 in our community and local region, as well as other factors that could affect patient and staff safety.