Ways to Give

Become a Hero!

Imagine being our patient, James:

James is a 94-year-old gentleman. He is also the sole caretaker of his wife, Mary, who has dementia. James has COPD, but in spite of that, he and Mary live independently in a retirement community, and he is quite capable of driving. James is a retired federal employee, and he did a good job planning for retirement. Though they have a fixed income, James and Mary are able to live comfortably. They have traditional Medicare, and despite Mary’s dementia and his COPD, James had life under control.

Until that is, he was admitted to the hospital with an exacerbation of his COPD. After a five-day stay in the inpatient unit of the MHP Medical Center, James was desperate to get home to Mary, who was being cared for by neighbors. He had been prescribed six new medications for his COPD and heart failure. Without these drugs, James was going to have a difficult time recovering, especially with the demands of Mary’s care. He would also be at high risk for being readmitted to the Medical Center and experiencing a sharp decline in his health. However, despite his insurance coverage, James was unable to afford the prescriptions he truly needed. It was a dangerous time for James and Mary.

MHP Case Managers stepped in. They accessed the MHP RX Assist Program, which is funded by charitable gifts to the MHP Major Hospital Foundation, and purchased James’ prescriptions. The RX Assist Program and the diligence of the MHP Case Managers made it possible for James to return home to his beloved Mary, able to meet everyday demands and take care of her. Without this assistance, James may have lost control of the life he had so carefully built and lovingly maintained.

You can help patients like James avoid preventable hospitalizations, a reduced quality of life and declining health by making a gift to the MHP Major Hospital Foundation in support of the RX Assist Program. You can even start your own fundraising page!

Thank you for being a hero for patients like James!