Dr. Nancy Dayhoff, RN has left a personal legacy of positive impact for those that she cared for, worked with, and advocated for. She was a long-standing member and President of the MHP Board of Directors and has made contributions to nursing both globally and locally through academia and her work as a nurse. To ensure her legacy carries on in our community, MHP created the Dr. Nancy Dayhoff Professional Development Award in 2005 honoring Dr. Dayhoff’s contribution to local nurses and their profession. The fund’s original purpose was to provide a $500 annual award to an MHP nurse to assist them in furthering their education and professional development.

This year, MHP would like to increase the annual award amount to $1000 and grant it to two recipients. To help meet this goal, MHP is offering a 1:1 match of donations to the fund up to $10,000. Donations can be made to the MHP Foundation. When the match has been met, the donations will then be contributed to the Dr. Nancy Dayhoff, RN Advancement in Nursing Scholarship Fund held at the Blue River Community Foundation.