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Medical Staff By-Laws

The physicians practicing at MHP Major Hospital hereby organize themselves in conformity with the Bylaws hereinafter stated. It is recognized that the members of the Medical Staff are responsible for the quality of medical care provided to patients by the Hospital. The Medical Staff also advises the Board of Directors on medical matters, including the monitoring of health care provided within the Hospital, and the credentialing and delineation of privileges for all health care providers within the Hospital. The members of the Medical Staff must accept and carry out such responsibility as the agents of the Hospital Board of Directors in cooperation with Hospital Administration in order to fulfill the Hospital's obligations to its patients. The Hospital Board of Directors and the Medical Staff, in order to promote professional peer review activity designed to establish a stable and harmonious environment in which appropriate levels of patient care may be achieved, hereby constitute themselves as professional review bodies as defined by the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 (42 U.S.C. Section 11101 et. seq.), and the Indiana Peer Review Act (I.C. 34-30-15 et. seq.); and the Hospital Board of Directors and the Medical Staff claim all privileges and immunities afforded under those acts.

Major Hospital Credentialing Manual

Major Hospital Corrective Action and Fair Hearing Manual

Major Hospital Governance and Organization Manual