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Your health care provider has prescribed continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy for you. A CPAP device helps you breathe better at night. The device delivers air through your nose or mouth when you breathe in to keep your air passages open. CPAP is:

  • Used most often to treat sleep apnea and some other problems (Sleep apnea is a chronic condition with periods of sleep in which you briefly stop breathing.)
  • Safe and very effective, but it takes time to get used to the mask

Types of Air Pressure Treatments

There are different types of CPAP. Your doctor or CPAP technician will help you decide which type is best for you:
  • Basic CPAP keeps the pressure constant all night long.
  • A bilevel device (BiPAP) provides more pressure when you breathe in and less when you breathe out. A BiPAP machine also may be set to provide automatic breaths to maintain breathing if you stop breathing while sleeping.
  • An auto CPAP device automatically adjusts pressure throughout the night and in response to changes such as body position, sleep stage, and snoring.

General guidelines:

  • It's very important not to give up! It takes time to get used to wearing the mask at night.
  • Practice using your CPAP device during the day, especially whenever you take a nap.
  • Remember, there are several different types of masks. If you can’t get used to your mask, ask your provider or medical supply company about trying another style.
  • If you have nasal stuffiness or dryness when using your CPAP device, talk with your provider or medical supply company. There are ways to lessen these problems. For example, your provider may recommend moistening nasal spray or the medical supply company may recommend a device with a humidifier.
  • The goal is to use your CPAP all night, every night, during all naps, and even when you travel.
  • Keep your mask clean. Wash it with soap and water. Be sure to rinse the mask and tubing well with water to remove any soap. Let them air-dry thoroughly before using.
  • Make yourself comfortable when sleeping with CPAP. Try using extra pillows.
Work with your medical supply company so that you know how to correctly use your CPAP. Their representative will be able to help you:
  • Use the CPAP correctly
  • Troubleshoot any problems that come up
  • Learn to clean and maintain the device
  • Adjust to regular use of the CPAP

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