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MHP will soon begin using a new, singular patient portal called My MHP Health. We encourage you to be among the first to activate your account on My MHP Health. Click here to enroll.

Please be on the lookout for more communication about our new My MHP Health patient portal and the features that can help you save time, energy and frustration. Our goal, as always, is better communication, better care and better outcomes.

We are here to help if you need it. Please feel free to call our help line for assistance Monday – Friday, 8a – 5p at (317) 421-1956 or email us at

Thank you for choosing MHP as your trusted healthcare partner!

Are you a patient of MHP Major Hospital?

Click here to access your medical records from lab tests, imaging reports, view your visit history and see your total amount due to MHP Major Hospital.

Are you a patient of a practice?

Click here to schedule an appointment online, send a message to your provider, refill a prescription, request your health record or try out the symptom checker.

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