Ultrasounds in Shelbyville

Harnessing the Power of Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasounds use sound waves to develop images of your body’s internal structures and reveal important information about your health. During an ultrasound, high-frequency sounds are emitted. As the sound waves bounce back, the echoes are recorded, revealing the size and shape of tissues and organs in your body.

This technology displays images on a computer screen that can be interpreted by a radiologist or other doctor. An ultrasound offers many benefits as it is a powerful tool for diagnosing and treating many conditions.

Most ultrasound procedures only take 30-60 minutes. You will be awake, alert, and comfortable throughout the procedure. You will need to wait for your doctor to discuss the findings with you.

The Many Uses of Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasounds are a powerful tool for doctors because they can pinpoint medical conditions and help professionals understand the inner workings of your body’s many systems.

An ultrasound may be used for:

  • Pregnancy: An ultrasound can help determine due dates, detect potential problems like birth defects, placental issues, and breech positioning, and at times determine the gender of the baby. They can also help doctors estimate the size of a baby just before it is born.
  • Diagnostics: Ultrasounds can diagnose conditions in the heart and blood vessels, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, uterus, ovaries, thyroid, and testicles.
  • Medical procedures: Ultrasound imaging can help during procedures that require doctors to remove tissue from precise areas of the body to submit to laboratories.
  • Therapeutic applications: Ultrasounds can detect and treat some soft-tissue injuries

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