Quality of Life Renewed

Around the first of March I fell down my porch steps and caught myself, but twisted my right leg behind me. I couldn’t sleep, walk, sit or stand without pain. Dr. Loman sent me to Dr. Lemme (MHP FORCE Orthopaedics) to see if I needed surgery. According to the MRI, I had a tear in my kneecap. Dr. Lemme wanted to know if I would try physical therapy first. I was willing because of my experience with MHP SportWorks the year before (I avoided surgery on my hands and feet).

After several weeks of therapy I stopped to help my daughter with her difficult pregnancy. After the birth of her baby, I was still having knee pain. Dr. Loman sent me to complete my therapy. Now I’m perfectly well, thanks to the therapy that I received at SportWorks.

Tyler Smith copied exercises for me to take home to do. The pictures and the explanations made sure that I could repeat the exercises the right way at home. Tyler is good at encouraging you. Before these two experiences with SportWorks, I know that I should exercise, but I didn’t. Since my very first visit, I’ve been doing various kinds of exercises. Now I know how important it is to exercise every week.

I have been telling everyone how I’ve avoided surgery two times now by going to SportWorks for therapy. I highly recommend SportWorks to everyone who I think needs it. I owe a big thanks to SportWorks for my quality of life. Thanks MHP SportWorks!

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