Singing the SportWorks pool praises

Good afternoon, my name is Robert Prather and I have been going to SportsWorks for the past 5 weeks or so and wanted to provide feedback to you on this facility. I have recently undergone the 8th surgery (between two knees) and decided to try SportsWorks since it was so close to home. In the past, I have always gone to St. Francis physical therapy, but due to my transportation situation this time around chose your facility instead. My first session was with Kelly White, and right off the bat I was impressed from day one. When I came I was 2weeks post surgery from a knee cap replacement and the break and move of my tibia. I had very little motion and within five weeks and have gone from 40 degrees to 102 degrees. I feel that one of the things that has helped me the most is the pool therapy that I have received at SportsWorks. I remember that I was having trouble making a-complete round on the exercise bike and the evening after my first pool therapy, I was able to accomplish a complete revolution on the bike.

Under the guidance of Kelly and sometimes Jeff, I have made progress that I did not think achievable. I am now back to work, but still have a good ways to go before I am where my surgeon wants me to be in regards to my motion, and my visits to therapy will be more limited. However, I feel that with the guidance from your people there at SportWorks, I will still be able to meet the goals set before me.

If you ever need a testimonial from one of your therapy patients, please feel free to contact me, as I will be more than glad to sing the praises of what you all are doing there. Once I am released from my current surgeon, I am also considering looking at going to either Dr. Howard or one of your other orthopedic specialists, as I know I still have ongoing issues that will require future treatment and I also know that I will require a total knee replacement in the future as well. This is all based on the experience I have encountered with the therapy and only feel that I would receive the same attention and care from one of your physicians as well. I am currently with a very prominent surgeon with Ortho Indy, but feel that I am only a subject of research and not so much a patient any longer.

In closing, thank you for putting this facility in place, as it has made a definite impact on my recovery.

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