MHP has a new van, but what does this mean for our patients? 

Transportation has been a consistent barrier when it comes to caring for patients at MHP. Thanks to a grant from Honda and funding from the Jacqueline Joseph Fund at the MHP Foundation, MHP has a new rear loading wheelchair van to transport our patients!

The initial focus for this resource will be taking home discharged inpatients who struggle with transportation resources with a stop along the way at Medworks to pick up any prescriptions. After the initial ride home, the van will then be used for outpatient visits for these patients for the first two weeks after discharge.

Why is this a big deal? Picture this. You’ve been seriously ill, sick enough to have spent four or five days at MHP. Maybe you’ve even had surgery. It’s time to go home and you’re anxious to leave. You feel better, but you’re still a little weak and not completely back to your usual self. The trouble is, you’re on your own without the assistance of others. You have no idea how you’re going to get the prescriptions you need to continue your recovery; let alone how you’re going to get back for the appointments to see how you’re recovering or for additional treatments to complete your healing. Without these resources, you might not get well. However, thanks to the new MHP Van, we are able to overcome these scenarios while providing you with the best health care experience possible!

An MHP Community Health Worker will take you home while stopping at MedWorks for your prescriptions if you have any. Then, you will then be on the books with a Community Health Worker and the van for transportation back to MHP for any check-ups or follow up treatments for the next two weeks. Now you are protected at a time when you are most vulnerable for a readmission and/or a poor outcome. Such a simple solution to a very serious problem!

Four inpatients have used the van so far in 2024, and we are thrilled with the positive outcomes thus far! Over time, the van’s use will expand to transporting other patients like those on dialysis or receiving oncology treatment.