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MyMajorHealth - Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can access the patient portal (patients of physicians, hospital, parents, children, etc.)? 
Anyone who has been registered at the hospital or lab can sign up for the patient portal.
How does someone sign-up for the portal? 
You can sign up for the patient portal at the hospital’s registration department or any of the labs.  The patient will need to fill out a patient portal consent form.  Then we will send out an email to the patient with their username and password.  We do not have online signup at this time.
What if I forgot my username/password? 
If you forgot your username or password you can call the hospital’s Information Systems Department at 421-5684 to have it reset.  If you just forgot your password you can reset it at the sign in screen of the patient portal –  There is a “Forgot Password” link to reset your password as long as you know your Security Question answer.
Can I give access to someone to access my records on the portal? 
If a patient wants to give access to another person, they can fill out the portal consent form’s proxy user section.  
What can I see by accessing my records online? 
The patient portal allows users to see their allergies, most lab results, medications, visit history and imaging reports without images.
Can I schedule appointments online? 
The patient portal does not allow you to schedule appointments on line at this time.
Can I communicate with my providers?
We do not offer any email communication with providers at this time.

Can I pay my bill thru the portal?
There is a link called “Pay My Bill” on the home page to make payments.

What test results can I view?  
You can view most lab results from the portal.  Some results will be sent to 3rd party lab for processing and these will not show up on the portal.  For those labs you will need to contact your doctor.

Can I refill prescriptions in my patient portal?  
We do not allow for prescription refills on the portal.  Please contact your doctor for refills.

What type of browsers/equipment do I need to access the portal?  
The portal works best on Google Chrome or Firefox.  Internet explorer will work, but may require the page to be added to Compatibility Mode.

Can I receive a text when there is activity in my portal?  
The portal will send an email when the patient has portal activity.  The system is not setup to send text at this time. 

Who do I contact if I have questions?
You can call the Hospital’s Information Systems Department with any questions at 317-421-5684 or contact us via email at