MHP Psychology

Patient Resources

Where Do I Begin?

For routine appointments, you may call our office at 317.392.2971 or have your primary care provider fax a referral to 317.398.1894. You will first schedule a new patient appointment to speak with a therapist about your concerns, which typically lasts 45-50 minutes.


We are committed to the highest standards of confidentiality to protect your privacy. Information about your care will be released only with your signed consent to do so. The only exceptions involve circumstances whereby Indiana law requires limited disclosure to protect life. The situations specified by state law involve: child abuse, abuse of the elderly, and imminent risk of harm to self or others.

If appointments include other individuals, such as spouses or other family members, the written consent of each person is required for records release.

Insurance & Billing:

Most insurance plans are accepted. Please check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage for behavioral health services at MHP Psychology. You are also welcome to call and speak to our office staff.