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Become an Everyday Hero!

Imagine being our patient, Sam:

Amputation was the only solution for Sam, a patient whose neuropathy was causing a painful big toe.  MHP worked with Sam on financial assistance for the surgical procedure.  During the days before surgery, however, doctors discovered that Sam also had diabetes.  This diagnosis complicated his case enormously.   To prevent potential loss of Sam’s entire leg, several IV antibiotic infusions were prescribed to be administered by MHP Home Health Care.  Sam had been locally employed for twelve years, although in a lower wage job, and he was uninsured.  He was unable to afford the $7,000 cost of the four infusions.
MHP Home Health Care went into action, twice negotiating a reduced rate with the infusion company.  The RX Assist Program paid for the second and fourth infusions.  Sam’s family and co-workers pooled their money to pay for the first and third.  The compassion, commitment and stewardship of MHP Home Health Care, help from family and friends, along with the RX Assist Program, saved Sam’s leg while spending only $575. 
Sam returned to work, and a 44-year-old productive person did not have his quality of life unnecessarily limited. 

Your fundraising for the RX Assist Program helps patients like Sam avoid preventable hospitalizations, a reduced quality of life, and declining health.  You really are a hero to patients like Sam!
Click here to go to the Everyday Hero website. Then click on the green "Start Fundraising" button and create your fundraising page. Thanks, Hero!