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MHP Bariatric Support Group

If you’re considering bariatric surgery, preparing for surgery, or have undergone a procedure, Major Health Partner’s free Bariatric Support Group might be right for you. Even if you’re consulting with someone other than Major Health Partners or have already undergone a procedure at another facility, you’re welcome to attend.

The Bariatric Support Group session are held the third Tuesday of every month from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., in the MHP Medical Center Health Pavilion conference room. Please refer to our Calendar of Events for specific meeting information. The free sessions cover topics related to bariatric weight-loss surgery including nutrition, exercise, vitamin and nutritional supplements, what to expect before and after surgery, and others.

Maybe you’ve had the surgery, but find yourself regaining weight and need help getting back on track. MHP’s free Bariatric Support Group will answer your questions, help you understand where you might have gone wrong, and assist you with getting back to what works for you. No matter your needs, the Bariatric Support Group provides a safe, put-down-free, non-judgmental environment of support, education, and encouragement.

The free sessions often include guest speakers, too, representing various healthcare specialties related to bariatric surgery and weight loss. Such speakers include dieticians and nutritionists, who, among other topics, offer advice regarding how beloved recipes can be revamped to become suitable for bariatric-surgery patients. Orthopedists and physical therapists provide information about safe and acceptable exercise types and amounts. Hygienists talk about ways to combat and alleviate the dry-mouth side-effect that sometimes occurs with the surgery, while social workers talk about the mental and emotional changes that accompany a bariatric procedure.

The free sessions are small and personable. Since doctors and dieticians often vary in their approach to bariatric patients, such close, one-on-one consultation can be critical for success.

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