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Diabetes Management Clinic

At the Diabetes Management Clinic, learn how to use a glucose meter to check your blood sugar, how to plan meals and read nutrition labels, how to count carbohydrates, and how to prevent complications that can occur from diabetes. You will come out of the clinic not only with renewed confidence in the self-management of diabetes, but also with educational materials filled with helpful information and tips obtained during your clinic time.

Who should attend the clinic?

Any person with diabetes, as well as their family members are welcome and encouraged to attend the clinic.

What will I learn?

The goal of the clinic is to provide education to those who want to know how to manage their diabetes to improve quality of life, whether their diabetes is new or if they have had diabetes for several years.   

Topics covered include:

  • Healthy eating
  • Being active
  • Medications
  • Reducing complications
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Problem solving
  • Healthy coping


Charges vary depending on services needed. Most forms of insurance are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid. All charges are filed with your insurance and special arrangements can be made if necessary. We recommend checking with your insurance to determine coverage.

Additional programs & services:
  • Detection & treatment of high/low blood sugar
  • One-on-one Diabetes Education
  • Gestational Diabetes Classes
  • Insulin Administration
  • Insulin Pump Education and Initiations
  • Continuous Glucose Monitors

How to register:

Call (317) 421-5634 for more information.